52'' heq cage 1" bars reg price $1350
72" cage 1" bar divided cage reg price $800

play stand reg price $160 

comes in 26" and 32 "

play stand reg price $180 

playstand reg price $180 

acrylic heq cage

divided cage with 5/8 in bar reg price $540

this is our macaw cage 40" by 30 and 71 tall. 

macaw cage one inch bar 40 by 30 will get a better picture soon. $800 

dome top macaw cage 1 inch bar spacing 40 x 30 

this is a great cage for pet owners and breeders alike. this cage can be 3 cages or two or one. has a converter parts that it comes with. its 30 by 20. with breeder box doors on each cage.

our double stack parrot cage has 5/8 inch bar spacing. 32 inch wide 

cabinet cage with fancy top 32 by 20 

cabinet cage play top 32 wide 

our 30 x 30 cage gives birds more room. great for grays amazon and small cockatoos

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